Winners in the hands of an angry dog.
Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra - Compersion
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Into It. Over It. - 22 Syllables
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But frankly, I’d asked you to stay
It’s not my fault that you left anyway

Nobuo Uematsu - Spiran Scenery
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Title: Spiran Scenery (also known as “Spira Unplugged” in the iTunes release)
Game: Final Fantasy X
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

Into It. Over It. - Where Your Nights Often End
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You play the part of the thoughtless romantic in
The busy rotation of what goes wrong
But I can’t make the lines out
I’m never gonna make the lines out

Saintseneca - Only The Young Die Good (Alternate Version)
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Saintseneca - Only The Young Die Good

"Jesus, I’m drunk on the spirit tonight."

Bomb The Music Industry! - Wednesday Night Drinkball/25!
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Bomb The Music Industry! - Wednesday Night Drinkball/25!

There’s nothing less cool
than feeling exhausted from hours of not doing
a damn thing at all.
Not thrilling to chill,
steal bandwidth and cable, give shouts to employers
and wait for the call. There’s a light
shining out from the windowsill
not content to project all day long.
Maybe I could walk a little to the library.
Maybe I could do this right for once.

Get my ducks in a row and just

stop talking trash or whatever they say.
Make the bed, sweep the floor, shake the carpet and spray.
Put my shit in a pile, on the top slap a post-it,
“Don’t worry, someday your skill set will be wanted.”

But today everybody is a little tired,
it’s Wednesday.
So at 10:00 I’m walking down a chilly Boerum to Broadway.

And it’s you and me
and a tallboy of Colt 45 or Bud Light.
What’s the cheapest one?
Get through one more night.
I drink fast, I don’t savor.
Each way takes an hour
and at twelve, I’ll be gone.

I walked two miles in the rain in a suit,
my feet torn up by my father’s shoes.
Receipts and cards tumble out of my pocket
to the floor of the station. I still don’t have a wallet.
Up a flight of stairs to Herald Square.
The umbrellas of New York take up too much air.
So we just walk real slow at double-arms length in unison.

My mom dragged me to the doctor today,
I had a cough for a month and it won’t go away
I’ve been sleeping on floors for three hours a day
and I have no insurance, so she has to pay.
I can’t talk to my friends because I’m embarrassed
that I keep sliding back down. I keep getting depressed.

- We got our ideals but no way to achieve them.
- We got our degree but got no means to use it.
- We’re swimming in debt with no way to surmount it.

- We got thirty bucks and we spend it on whiskey.
- We got credit cards, so we got a new TV.
- We got mobile phones but no minutes so text me.

Get out of my way because I’m 25
and I still act like I’m ten!
I’m 25! I don’t learn from my mistakes
I make them again and again and again and again and again…

- We swallow our pride over piles of problems.
- We whine and complain but we don’t try to solve ‘em.
- We’re reaching for answers like nobody’s got ‘em.

Get out of my way because I’m 25
and I still act like I’m ten goddamn years old!
I’m 25
and I still act like I’m ten goddamn years old!